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Clearplex Knoxville


Clearplex is a transparent film composed of multiple layers that is applied to the exterior surface of the windshield. Clearplex is designed to soften impacts from exterior objects on the surface of the windshield. The glass is protected when potentially damaging objects to unprotected windshields, such as rocks that come into contact with your windshield at high speeds. Think of Clearplex as a cushion for your windshield in the harsh roads that we are accustomed to driving in Knoxville. If an impact occurs on the windshield, a tiny pin sized mark appears on the film and no damage occurs to the glass itself. Clearplex reduces glare and is guaranteed to not yellow, crack, bubble or peel.


Why do I need Clearplex?

Due to the weather and climate that we are accustomed to in in Knoxville, rock chips and road debris are very common. A single rock chip can transform your once immaculate windshield into a huge crack that looks unsightly, and results in high repair costs. Why not protect your vehicle to ensure that your windshield remains ding free? If you get an ill timed rogue rock in the windshield, you might need to replace your entire windshield. Avoid this hassle of replacing the entire windshield, and install Clearplex to protect the surface!

Will Clearplex Obstruct the Visibility of my Windshield?

Clearplex is a clear application that does not obstruct the visibility of your original, unmodified windshield. The transparent application is composed of UV stabilizers that will decrease the amount of heat accumulated on your vehicle. The polarized finish will reduce glare and potentially save you time and money in the long run!

What Does Ceramic Pro East Tennessee do differently than its competitors?

At Ceramic Pro East Tennessee we carefully apply the Clearplex protection film to fit the glass and match the exact dimensions of the windshield. Different shops in the region might use a generic template to fit the glass of your vehicle, but our trained experts at Ceramic Pro East Tennessee use our custom application process. Our custom application process ensures that your entire windshield is covered by Clearplex protection. When the entire windshield is protected with Clearplex, the application won’t peel away after a few months. We have seen clients come in asking that we fix there Clearplex that was applied by other detailers in the region after only a few months because it was not applied correctly! When we begin the Clearplex process we apply the film to match the exact edge of the glass and then install trim pieces on. This results in leaving no seams behind and covering the entire portion of your glass!

Benefits of Coating Your Windshield

  • Hydrophobic Finish Repels Water and Other Liquids
  • Protects Glass from Rocks and Road Debris
  • Extends the Longevity of Your Windshield
  • Easy to Clean: Dirt, Debris and Grime are Easily Removed
  • Transparent UV Protected Finish
The best way to protect your investment!
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